We deliver 6-week accelerated programs in best-practice placemaking tailored to sectors for maximum impact.

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The CoDesign Studio Online Programs offer accelerated access to placemaking innovation, important industry trends, and practicable methods for self-sustaining impact in the real-world.

The program is designed to enhance your existing skills and take you to the next level of knowledge-based in real-world actions and examples so that you are equipped to make an impact in your industry.

Experts in charge

Our syllabus is grounded in our real-world experience inside government, communities, built environment firms and property companies.


We are active researchers having reached more 60,000 Australians in our research projects. Our award-winning process models are tried and tested dozens of times over, being continually iterated through experience and refinement for best possible outcomes for people.

Educative environment

We utilise best-practice education principles for optimum nurturing of learning potential.

Digitally delivered

Live 90-minute expert sessions delivered via video link embed theory and knowledge, followed by interactive activities and online tasks.

Alumni connection

Learning is deepened and accelerated by the online cohort collaborative group, which easily transfers into our ongoing and vibrant alumni community once the course has ended.

Get the latest knowledge, models and practices in placemaking from Australia's pre-eminent placemaking consultancy.

Advanced coaching options

All our courses offer multi-tiered coaching options to enhance your learning and unlock your best learning pathway. From tailored advice, and specific one-on-one time, to goal setting for personal and professional growth. We set you up to be the best placemaker you can be.

More placemakers. More neighbourhoods. More global impact.

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