An incredible line-up in our Round Two speakers announcement!


Summit keynote - Ebrahim Varachia, Patronicity

We are thrilled to announce our Summit keynote, speaking for the very first time in Australia: Ebrahim Varachia from Patronicity! Transcending typical crowdsourcing models, Patronicity is a civic crowdgranting platform that matches citizen, government, development authority and sponsor funding streams to empower local people and catalyse sustainable growth across Michigan, and the USA. More information and ticket sales info available via the link below. Welcome to the party Ebrahim!


Dominica Watt - Nightingale Housing

We love how Nightingale Housing is transforming the development industry, shifting focus away from profit margins towards the people who will live there and their impact on the environment. Dominica Watt will be joining us for the Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019 speaking on unique Nightingale methodologies for crafting integrated, nuanced and holistic vertical village communities.


Brooke Williams - CoDesign Studio

Palmwoods, a multi-award winning project for CoDesign Studio, demonstrated a new means of applying placemaking to help places prosper.  Brooke led an innovative economic development and activation program for this hinterland community in South East Queensland which helped the local economy prosper through the significant disruption of a town centre upgrade. Brooke will be sharing a detailed case study on placemaking to grow culture and boost economic resilience.


Mary Ann Jackson - Accessibility Specialist

Improving built environment ‘sustainability’ performance, via measurement, and placemaking performance, via ‘activation’, receives much contemporary attention. However, people with disability continue to experience lack of meaningful involvement in such endeavours. Increasingly, the built environment arena is becoming a private sector activity. The actors involved, however, have little understanding of either the accessibility needs of people with disability, or the inaccessibility. Mary Ann Jackson raises the critically important topic: placemaking - enabling or disabling?


Jessica Christiansen-Franks - Neighbourlytics

Neighbourlytics is a social analytics platform for neighbourhood development. By tapping into big data, Neighbourlytics provides city-makers with real-time insights into local neighbourhood identity. Fresh from her recent Your Money TV appearance on Channel 9, Jess will share ow data can help shape human centred cities.


Videography workshop

One of our many learnings from The Neighbourhood Project is that nothing accelerates community connection faster than the process of working together. So we are practising what we preach and running workshop hour at the Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019! The 'videography for mobile phones' workshop will help you turn your mobile device into a powerful 'shooting and editing' tool and share tips on vlogging, conducting phone interviews and giving your product a professional polish.

Less than 2 weeks til Summit day - woot! Tickets available here.