Our Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019 speakers are bringing something special. This is not your usual parade!

Take a look at these leading and diverse social changemakers, inspiring us with their passion and vision, as we shape the discussion on the future of placemaking best practice. 

Don't forget, early bird tickets close 7 March - available here.

Samantha Choudhury, CoDesign Studio

The irrepressible Sam Choudhury, Melbourne Principal, will present an insightful keynote on the game-changing results of The Neighbourhood Project. Thanks to this project - Australia's largest community-led placemaking action research project - community-led placemaking is now a globally recognised term; something we are very proud of here at CoDesign Studio. Join Sam’s Keynote speech to hear her practical discussion on how Councils, developers, place professionals and communities can each adapt their practice to establish a self-sustaining placemaking legacy.

David Snyder, Town Team Movement

We love Town Teams, a fab WA based outfit whose innovative locally-led place management practice is setting Perth on fire! 24 teams of committed local citizens are right now working across WA and the ACT to improve their local town centres. Such rich case studies to share! This will be the second time Victorian audiences have had the chance to hear from the Town Team Movement. We are excited to have David join us and expound on the unexpected competitive advantages of this way of working.


Marcus Westbury, Collingwood Arts Precinct

Building on his groundbreaking work with Renew Newcastle, Marcus Westbury is coming to give us a sneak peek into his latest project: Collingwood Arts Precinct. We were resident placemakers on site up until May 2018, and can't wait to hear what else is going on! Right now, Marcus is midway through transforming the old Collingwood Technical school and TAFE into an exciting new arts precinct and cultural hub, which will provide a new home for Circus Oz, artists and more.  

Matt Jones, Creative Projects

Our preeminent public spaces are now fully tech-enabled environments. You may or may not remember that incident where Yagan Square screens were ‘compromised’ and displayed a certain pornographic website for longer than authorities were comfortable with. With extensive digital programming experience working at Fed Square and beyond Matt will share inside perspective on ‘digital disasters in public space’ and provide advice on doing it right.

See you at the Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019!