We used to play games and sport in the street. But now cars dominate our neighbourhoods and we play inside on the screen instead. We are less active and, as a result, obesity has doubled in just 25 years. So what can we do to get people moving as part of their everyday lives?

Play Streets are fun community gatherings where local streets are closed creating an open space for neighbours to come together and play. They connect communities, make everyday exercise fun and support generations who never experienced street play in an old-fashioned way.


Play Streets target the 'club wary' and sideline Sportsters. Those who love the odd game of street cricket but aren't sports driven. Play Streets don't mean 'no cars'. They just mean creating a safer street environment to get people active. This flexible bottom-up approach makes them scalable and adaptable to all areas. All you need is a group of active residents.


Play Streets have been successfully run all over the world, from London to Bogota and with great results documented by Bristol University. But the movement is still sluggish to take off here in Australia.


In partnership with the City of Melbourne, CoDesign Studio successfully ran a number of successful trials. Methodologies were tested and refined. Our open-source Play Streets toolkit is now a well-loved resource that supports communities to apply for and implement Play Streets themselves.

Visit www.playstreetsaustralia.com to download the toolkit.