The CoDesign team were very excited to see the Victorian State Government announce a major community grants initiative “Pick My Project” to support community-led placemaking across Victoria – the movement is spreading! What was even more exciting was seeing community leaders from The Neighbourhood Project and other CoDesign Studio projects rise to the occasion and continue to pave the way for community-led placemaking. Below are our Top 5 picks for Pick My Project – if one of these falls within your region, we highly recommend throwing a vote their way we know these guys have what it takes to deliver amazing projects!

1. The Hothouse - A Food Hub for Fawkner Who: Fawkner Food Bowls were another amazing team that come through Round 2 of The Neighbourhood Project and have never ceased to impress us with their enthusiasm and use of sustainable local resources to make projects happen. Region: Northern Metro Info: An old bowling green is being transformed into a community market garden to grow food intensively for our local community. We propose the development of a family friendly food hub in association with Fawkner Food Bowls and 3000 Acres. It will activate a meeting place for growing, cooking and sharing food through regular workshops and events. We'll link the community of backyard food growers with new residents in skill-sharing initiatives and opportunities to build community. We hope to host a fortnightly market with affordable fresh produce from the garden and offer free veggie boxes to those who volunteer. Vote:

2. Trail of Lights - A lantern festival along the Federation Trail and nearby wetlands. Who: Williams Landing Estate Residents' Association – members from this group were part of the Williams Landing Neighbourhood Project and are committed to building a stronger community for Williams Landing. Region: Western Metro Info: The festival, to be held along the Federation Trail between Sayers Rd and Skeleton Creek and into the Wyndham Waters Wetlands, will run for 4 weeks and include installations by artists, lanterns made by the community and decorative lights. Lanterns will be made in workshops at kindergartens, schools, shopping centres and community centres. Vote:  


3. Point Cook Town Centre Community Park - Creating connections in the Heart of our Town Centre. Who: Point Cook Action Group – you won’t find a more dedicated and talented group with more than enough skill to make project like this happen. Members of this group where part of The Neighbourhood Project and absolutely wowed us with their ability to draw a crowd and bring their community together. Region: Western Metro Info: In Feb -Apr 2018 we ran a very successful Pop Up Park pilot in the heart of the town centre. Based on the learnings and success of the pilot, we are now looking to create a longer term Community park. Our working concept of the park includes: Astroturf, shade , festoon lighting, Community benches and planters. A cubby play element, a painted playful zebra crossing and modular and easily reconfigurable furniture. The idea being the elements are low maintenance, highly durable and the space easily configurable for events, movies and Community led and organic activity. Vote:


4. Rail Trail Illumination Project - Wonthaggi Rail Trail Illumination project will provide safety and connectivity Who: Wonthaggi Town Square Concept – this informal group of residents have a vision for their community and we couldn’t be more behind them in seeing this come to life – we saw this when we worked with them to deliver the Wonthaggi Placemaking Strategy and we think they have what it takes to make this happen. Region: Gippsland Info: Wonthaggi Rail Trail Illumination project will provide safety and connectivity. Installation of smart new energy efficient lighting along the old rail trail through the center of Wonthaggi and out to South Dudley edge of town will increase its utility to multiple trail users who move on foot, wheelchair, bicycle, motorised scooter or personal mobility devise. The PV solar lighting units we’re proposing will illuminate from dusk till dawn; it will be illuminated fully for 4 hours then dimmed for the remainder of the night. The new lighting will complement the local Old Energy-New Energy initiative and provide 24/7 security on this popular exercise route. Vote:


5. Port Art Collaborative Adventure - Public housing mental health and wellbeing art project Who: SHIP – Diana and the SHIP team got our attention when they applied for The Neighbourhood Project and we saw a great opportunity to go in on a grant with them to support a youth-led mural in Port Melbourne. We would love to see them continue to paint the town with this awesome initiative. Region: Inner Metro Info: This project aims to increase mental health and wellbeing through public art. It will do this by getting young Port Melbourne based artists to engage residents living in the Nott Street public housing estate in community arts activities. Phase 1 will involve two murals to be completed in the area; through which we will get the wider community involved in doing more public art. Then we will run art workshops where residents will plan together to make the area more attractive, feel safer and increase a sense of belonging. Vote: