Porch Placemaking Week: Global placemaking leaders unite to catalyse community connection beyond the pandemic.

From New York to Tehran, Australian not-for-profit group CoDesign Studio have started a movement for citizens to build community resilience in their local neighbourhoods - from a distance. Read more

Announcing new era for CoDesign Studio: strengthening our commitment to shaping great places.

At this critical time for placemaking around the world, we are pleased to announce a new era for our organisation that will enable our team, and organisation, to more effectively support our clients with strategies and tools to manage in crisis, and strengthen resilience to build towards recovery. Read more

Designing for diversity and inclusion in the built environment: Are you in or out?

Social inclusion can be built into plans, designs, activations, and programming of spaces. In fact, this is necessary if we are to use the power of property to transform the world. Read this summary of Samantha Choudhury and Valli Morphett's key presentation at the Property Council of Australia Diversity Forum this week that had everybody talking, and talking, and not wanting to leave! Read more

Etch-A-Sketch to Pecha Kucha: What drawing teaches about place narration

Do you remember drawing your dream house as a kid? We are creatures of stories. When it comes to place, telling the 'why' of a place is just as important as the 'what' and it is your opportunity to elevate your place to being an authentically liveable place that people love to frequent. (Read more from Senior Placemaking Consultant Maddy Menca who is also our resident in-house illustrator!) Read more

Retail needs to create 'Sticky Places' to succeed

Is your mainstreet or retail centre in decline? We explore why the need to create ‘sticky places'​ has become more urgent than ever. Property developers, investors and managers are under pressure to plan for growth while facing low footfall and high vacancies. Read more

Play Streets Community Toolkit in Australia (the Original)

CoDesign Studio pioneered Play Streets movement in Australia. We developed Australia's first toolkit for communities to implement Play Streets themselves. Read more

專訪CoDesign Studio行政總監Valli Morphett了解「地方營造」

個人對這詞都有不同的理解和定義,更被不同行業界別廣泛使用。我們專訪了CoDesign Studio的行政總監Valli Morphett女士,了解她對「地方營造」的理解。 Read more

What is placemaking?

CEO Valli Morphett shares her views on placemaking, and how it's implemented across different industries and occupations. Read more

Dogs vs Dragons! Important Placemaking Questions

80 participants from three countries joined CoDesign Studio's first Intro to Community-Led Placemaking Webinar. Top 4 placemaking questions answered here. Read more

Great Neighbourhood Summit Workshops

The process of working together accelerates community connection. We preached and practised this at the Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019. Read more

Strathmore, Let’s Make A Park! A Park By Youth For Youth

Adam and Michael empowered by CoDesign Studio's placemaking Neighbourhood Project built a park, a quality public space, for young people in Strathmore. Read more

Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019 Round 2 Speakers

The Great Neighbourhood Summit 2019 Round Two Speakers are forward-thinking industry leaders. Read more