Create change in your local neighbourhood this May

Never has there been a more important time for placemaking. While we’re staying home for the time-being, you can still be a force for change.

Join Porch Placemaking Week and create a project - large or small - to breathe life into your street or neighbourhood (from a distance).

How to join:

Here is how you can get involved:

Who is involved?

Melbourne-based not-for-profit group CoDesign Studio has rallied together no less than 25 local and global placemaking leaders and urban planning organisations in a coordinated effort to empower local community members to connect with neighbours during the pandemic and beyond.

There are groups in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Why Porch Placemaking?

At a time when many public places for interaction remain empty due to necessary social distancing restrictions, citizens are connecting in new-found ways online. Porch Placemaking Week has been designed as a vehicle for promoting social connection, building neighbour relationships, and helping communities to bring their new-found digital connection into the physical world, while remaining at a safe distance.

[MEDIA RELEASE] Read more about the project here.

What is a Porch?

Porch placemaking isn’t just for porches - your project could be a balcony, front verandah, stoop, driveway, footpath, street or a porch - any space in your local neighbourhoods that you can safely activate. It could also be an event like a street party (with appropriate physical distancing) or a virtual get together. Check out these examples.

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