A 'Place Plan' document is a strategic roadmap for how a place will be managed, activated, and possibly altered over a fixed time period. It is typically led by a council, and often completed as a distinct piece of work in response to a catalyst such as neighbourhood change or disruption due to infrastructure works.

  • A place plan provides strategic direction, aligned to a council's town vision, to guide decision making for infrastructure, community programs and service delivery. It provides a strategic blueprint that aligns actions taken by the community, local government and third parties.

  • Typically catalysed by a ‘disruption,' a place plan will facilitate change in a way that strengthens and compliments local identity and supports revitalisation through efficient resource allocation within capital works and asset management projects . 

  • Complements other strategic plans, Structure Plans, and Community Plans.


While a Place plan is typically led by Council, a 'Placemaking strategy' is more typically led by a renewal authority, property developer, or activity centre manager.