We put people and place at the centre of the city-making process.

"Placemaking is enabling and empowering people to create and activate places they love and connect to." 

People, Process, and Place

The three ingredients to design, build, activate, and manage a place

After a decade of work and research, we have developed a validated model for the creation of places that prosper. Prosperous placemaking requires three key drivers of change: People, Process, and Place (PPP).

According to PPP, there are three active ingredients required to create lasting change in how a place is shaped, activated, and managed. Namely, the physical location (Place), the humans that use and influence the development of that location (People), and the way in which they are enabled or hindered in exercising that influence (Process).

Level up your placemaking game with our Placemaking Dictionary here.


Mobilising local citizens to lead community-led placemaking.


Creating an enabling environment to support local leaders.


Activating local places and measuring outcomes.
Building the capacity of stakeholders at every stage is a sure way to unlock social capital and set a community on the path to maturation.

We engage and activate communities on behalf of property developers and government stakeholders. Additionally, we train government teams, property and architectural experts, local traders and local community groups through online workshops, face-to-face training, and our free webinar series.

The CoDesign Studio team themselves are a new breed of purpose-driven multidisciplinary citymakers. Our people are expert consultants and activators in the built environment and community development, and many have direct experience working in government. Meet our professional team here.

The process of place change, design, and governance is a pivotal element to maximise place value while mitigating planning risks.

Through co-designing, visioning, strategic planning advice, and creative engagement we bring people together at every stage of the journey.

We speak the language of developers and master urban planners. We advise councils on policy, frameworks, action plans and strategy. We are trusted by communities to help build their capacity and engage them in an authentic way.

Let us help you design the user journey through space and time in a way that unlocks social capital for self-sustaining outcomes. Read our latest research here.

A physical location forms the dropped pin-point on the map where People and Process collide.

From Melbourne to Mumbai, from Jakarta to Japan, the physical form of the landscape, architecture, infrastructure and streetscapes are either detracting or contributing to the opportunities for a vibrant and thriving life.

Place affects our health, wealth and happiness. Designing places that foster resilience, connectivity, and safety are paramount to unlocking the wellness agenda.

Place can be geographic-digital, public,-private, residential-commercial, indoor,-outdoor, active-passive; myriad spectrums for the physical and online spaces we live, connect, and have opportunities to thrive. Experience the places we have shaped through our projects.

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