This paper outlines the methods, adaptations and key findings of The Neighbourhood Project as undertaken by Melbourne-based placemaking firm CoDesign Studio, from 2015-2019.

The link between place and health is driving increasing concerns over how authorities can meet the ever-growing needs of swelling populations; and our mental, physical, environmental, and economic wellbeing depends upon it.

Trillions of dollars are being invested in redeveloping and expanding our cities (The Nature Conservancy, 2017), and yet the intrinsically important goal of increasing the social, cultural, environmental, and economic capital of a place is being overlooked. The citymaking system needs a new approach, one that includes a “bottom-up” influence of local residents, traders, and community members.

Placemaking is one such response. Born from human-centred city design, tactical urbanism, grassroots movements, and activism dating back as early as the 1960’s, placemaking has anecdotally shown that places prosper when their local community has a voice and influence over how their places are developed. The Neighbourhood Project has been designed by CoDesign Studio as a research project to substantiate this anecdotal evidence.

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