How Play Streets Australia is creating more inclusive communities and safe active play spaces, starting with a Melbourne-based trial.

The City At Eye Level For Kids is an international publication from STIPO Publishing in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, edited by Rosa Danenberg, Vivian Doumpa, and Hans Karssenberg.

This volume, first published in 2018, houses the CoDesign Studio book chapter titled "Bringing the Play-ground to the street" written by Helen Rowe and Elissa McMillan.

The team report on our Play Streets Australia program and the placemaking research we conducted in Melbourne, Australia in 2016.

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"Outdoor play is vital for a child’s physical, social and personal development. Yet in many communities around Melbourne, and other Australian towns and cities, safe and accessible outdoor play space is not always available in close proximity to home," the CoDesign Studio authors write.

"The Play Streets Australia project was developed to provide better access to outdoor play spaces by temporarily transforming residential streets into playgrounds for the young and the young at heart. Using the globally-recognised, low-cost model for pop-up play in the street, Play Streets was adapted for the Australian context to help residents make use of their own streets to create safe places for children to be physically active."