Tactical Urbanism: A city and/or citizen-led approach to neighbourhood building using short-term, low-cost and scalable interventions, intended to catalyse long-term change.

CoDesign Studio spearheaded the development of this fourth volume in the Tactical Urbanism series. As pioneers of the locally-led place intervention movement, our team were well placed to report on the tactics, trends, and developments in this region, and partnered with Street Plans (Miami and New York) to publish this book. 

Tactical urbanism is a citizen-led approach to neighbourhood building, characterised by short-term, low-cost and scaleable interventions intended to catalyse long-term change. The Tactical Urbanism guidebooks capture a snapshot of this emerging global movement through case studies from North America (Volumes 1 and 2) and Latin America (Volume 3). The purpose of this guidebook, Volume 4 in the series, is to explore the social, cultural, economic, physical and political factors of this city-shaping movement in Australia and New Zealand.

In preparing this guide, we highlight the depth and breadth of the approach: big cities and small towns, inner urban environments and suburbs, the sub- tropics and temperate climates. It is not only a  tool for inner urban regeneration or post-disaster rebuilding, rather it is an emerging city-building tool that has been adapted to a vast range of local contexts and is relevant to citizens, experts and municipal governments alike.

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"Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the world’s most liveable cities, but rapid urban growth is turning up the pressure. Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland are among the most unaffordable cities in the world. Increased transport times, insufficient public transport and stretched public services are issues of increasing proportion. Traditional city-making strategies are struggling to keep up. 

In this context, non-traditional city-making can fill the gaps. Tactical urbanism is one such approach. It is led by users as well as experts, based on evidence and provides immediate action." - Lucinda Hartley, Co-Founder of CoDesign Studio, foreward to Tactical Urbanism 4: Australia & New Zealand