At CoDesign Studio we hire placemaking unicorns.

Amazing staff with people-focussed skills and professional built environment experience. We train you up in the CoDesign Studio placemaking methodology that regularly wins us awards, but more importantly, we teach you how to deliver significant and sustainable social impact around the world.

There are no active vacancies at present.

If you would like to be considered for temporary contract work, casual hours, or are simply keen to say "Hey! I'm interested in being a part of CoDesign Studio!", then we are always ready to hear from advanced placemaking consultants in Australia.

To get on our radar, come along to one of our renowned events and introduce yourself, we're friendly! You can also submit a 60 second video to [email protected] and answer "How have you influenced citymaking systems and empowered people globally to create prosperous spaces for better lives?"

We also suggest you follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and hiring announcements.