Cradle Coast Campus Education Precinct

Client: John Wardle Architects and University of Tasmania


Facilitating a co-design process to find a solution to the complex challenge question: How can we create an education precinct experience that is truly loved by all?

The future of any precinct type requires vision and engagement from the get-go in order to set the project on a path to deliver results.

By leveraging the power of early engagement and co-design processes, every element of the design and planning can be influenced in a cohesive and activating narrative that primes the region for vibrancy and thriving. In this way, our work delivers an early advantage for built environment teams to win work, mitigate risk, and succeed in development planning applications.

CoDesign Studio's role in the development of plans for the Cradle Coast Campus saw us create a bespoke human-centred design process for the University of Tasmania.

This saw us implement divergent and convergent thinking to co-define place strengths, undertake aspirational user experience visioning, identify activation preferences and achieve consensus on complex issues with a diverse group of stakeholders.

Feedback themes became an iterative lens through which architectural designs were evaluated. This provided the design team with a rich source of constructive feedback that was used to successfully refine precinct masterplan and architectural schematic designs to support a successful Development Application. Group members came away with a strong sense of ownership and clear view of how their feedback was considered and contributed to the new Cradle Coast Campus precinct.