This reference guide overviews a best-practice approach to community-led placemaking as based on the key learnings of The Neighbourhood Project. The practical tips and theoretical insights, combined with real-life project examples, are included to inspire you to take action in your own local area.

Over the past decade CoDesign Studio has pioneered placemaking practice and theory from our base in Melbourne, Australia. With roots in tactical urbanism and strategic experience in over 120 neighbourhoods, we have developed a new vision for collaborative approaches to shaping local places. One of these methods is community-led placemaking.

Download the Community-Led Placemaking Guide to develop your knowledge on the key concepts and core principles of locally-led practice and how it can unlock social capital, boost social cohesion, and ensure a smoother process for development, infrastructure change and neighbourhood management.

The Community-led placemaking guide by CoDesign Studio is currently free-of-charge to download (approximately 15MB). You will be asked to enter an email address to access the document and this may be used to contact you regarding related products or services at a later date, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

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