We are proud to present Locally-led Neighbourhoods: a community-led placemaking manual as based on the key learnings of The Neighbourhood Project. This step-by-step methodology provides guidance, worksheets and tips to help your community, council or organisation support the implementation of community-led placemaking.

Over the past decade CoDesign Studio has pioneered placemaking practice and theory from our base in Melbourne, Australia. With roots in tactical urbanism and strategic experience in over 120 neighbourhoods, we have developed a new vision for collaborative approaches to shaping local places. One of these methods is community-led placemaking.

This guide outlines the CoDesign Studio framework for how councils and community can deliver placemaking projects. Step by step, it will take you from exploration of community ideas through to implementation and evaluation of the project. The process differs for community members and councils. 

Although this guide specifically addresses practical and actionable steps for community and council, it is also full of important knowledge and insights for other stakeholders of place such as industry and larger government agencies. These lessons are applicable for anyone interested in empowering communities to improve their places. It is through collaboration that great places are created.

The Community-led Placemaking Manual by CoDesign Studio is currently free-of-charge to download (approximately 14MB). You will be asked to enter an email address to access the document and this may be used to contact you regarding related products or services at a later date, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

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