Client: Healthy Land and Water

Partner with local residents to overcome barriers and achieve social cohesion and environmental benefits.

Concrete or plants? This can be a genuinely tough choice when one considers the long-term financial impact of maintaining green space. Knowing maintenance restrictions would prevent the best outcome for the environment and community, the client engaged CoDesign Studio to facilitate a collaborative process to empower residents with civic responsibility to care for their local creek rehabilitation project.

In partnership with Healthy Land and Water, CoDesign facilitated a co-design process involving residents, youth, community organisations, design practitioners and environmental scientists. Through a series of classroom sessions, workshops and hands on engagement events, the community had direct input into design outcomes. As a result, locals chose nature over concrete and 15 residents with no previous relationship volunteered to establish a Habitat Brisbane group dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of this treasured creek corridor.

Additionally, school students have developed a close bond with this natural asset and will forever hold a special relationship with this place, having been involved in recording stories that were integrated into an interactive signage system.

Today, environmental value has been advanced in the area, along with immense benefits for social connection and activity opportunities.