Strategic Consultant, Melbourne

A business strategist with an unhealthy love of whiteboards and post-it notes, Eliza works internally on product development to advance the mission of human-centred placemaking.

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Eliza Charley officially joined CoDesign Studio in January 2019 to investigate the digital future of placemaking, although she has been connected to the company all the way back to its first inception in 2010.

A multidisciplinary human, Eliza started out her career as a Dean's Scholar linguist and translator before studying integrated marketing communications at a Masters level and commencing work in strategic business consulting.

With a passion for storytelling and how people find their sense of belonging in life, Eliza Charley has worked extensively in film and television. And yes, if she looks familiar, she is also an Australian actress and film producer. Her wealth of experience in that industry brings a creativity and innovation to her thinking and analytic process (as well as an ability to get things done!)

Today, based in our Melbourne office, Eliza provides project managerial support to our CEO, State Principals, and Board, through digital product development, knowledge innovation, and research. In 2019, she contributed significantly to the reporting of The Neighbourhood Project including several articles in internationally renowned publications. She also instigated our first digital tool development, Ideate by CoDesign Studio and the Placemaking Webinar education series.

A lover of journeys, Eliza grew up an academic family that travelled the world for scientific research projects and has since spent time studying and working in Japan, United Kingdom, and USA.

Key Skills
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Analysis and Design
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Digital Product Development

Key Projects

Key Qualifications
  • Compton School of Creative Leadership 2019
  • (Masters) Monash University Graduate Business School 2010-2012
  • Bachelor of Arts Dean's Scholarship Program (Linguistics, Japanese) 2007