Graduate Placemaking Consultant, Brisbane, Queensland

Eloise is a community development professional who aspires to build sustainable, resilient communities where people are connected to each other and the natural world.

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Passionate about resilient and connected communities, Eloise Telford comes to CoDesign Studio in 2019 from a local and international background in community development.

Eloise has worked with communities on environmental and social issues across Australia and abroad, most recently in India.

Working with residents of slum communities in India and Nepal last year, Eloise oversaw the collection of impact data across five states and two countries and devised a two-year impact framework plan.

She used human-centred design tools to develop a deep understanding of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. She believes that true community engagement is necessary for thriving, equitable societies.

Eloise enjoys the challenges of project management and is comfortable with both big-picture visioning and diving into details. She is an experienced facilitator of workshops for small and large groups and loves building relationships with stakeholders.

We are pleased to have welcomed her enthusiasm for placemaking and asset-based community development to CoDesign Studio.

Key skills

  • Community development
  • Impact measurement
  • Resilience building
  • Strategy design
  • Facilitation

Key Projects

  • Landsborough Placemaking (2019 CoDesign Studio)
  • Pollinate Energy's Biannual Impact Report (2018, previous)
  • EarthWalks Collective (2019, previous)
  • Students of Sustainability Conference -Brisbane (2016)

Key Qualifications 

  • Social Impact Analysis, Acumen +
  • Grad Cert Development Practice, University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Arts (Language and Culture), University of Southern Queensland