We are driven to expand the reach of our social impact to a global audience.

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More neighbourhoods.

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"Design has enormous leverage in shaping the world. By shaping designers, and the way they think, CoDesign Studio can help shape a better world." - Founder Lucinda Hartley in March 2011.

Design training and process innovation have been core for us since the very beginning. Our trainings and talks have been delivered in Australia, Asia Pacific, and the USA, from masterclasses through to mentored programs.

Today, we deliver training online to continue to grow the impact of design thinking and collaborative approaches to build better, healthier, and more sustainable environments around the world.

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CoDesign Studio champions placemakers around the world.

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Who attends the webinar series?

Signing in from around the world, we provide handouts and insights to:

  • Property developers under pressure to deliver housing and precincts already pre-set on a path of community maturation;
  • Government workers feeling the squeeze between department KPI's and community needs, while their hands are tied with excessive siloing;
  • Active citizens ready to step-up and deliver activities and projects for greater impact; and,
  • Architects and built environment professionals seeking authenticity because they understand there is more to place identity than branding.

These are a few examples of the professionals, experts, and grassroots players whom we have been able to help pro-bono this year through the development of our ongoing free and paid webinar series.

What have previous ticket-holders had to say?

Real responses we have received from previous attendees recorded by our anonymous feedback system:

"Keep doing these webinars please - you guys are game changers and sharing your knowledge is crucial for getting organisations motivated to support and sustain action in the community-led placemaking area."

"This was a great format and fantastic opportunity"

"Great presentation overall, very informative, well done to the team. The case studies are great. Please continue to do this! Thank you!"

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Ready to go deeper?

Our 6-week online program is available internationally with content tailored for application in the Australian industry. Cohorts undertake six weeks of guided learning with live webinars, interactive online sessions, group work and learning support to create a nurturing environment filled with deep insights and practical applications.

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Want to learn in person?

For over 6 years we have been actively training government teams, property professionals, and local community organisations. To enquire about a face-to-face training or workshop program tailored to your project, place, and requirements, contact our office today.

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*Compare with average attentiveness score around the world of 29 (GoToWebinar 2017 study of 250,000 webinars).

Last updated 14/11/2019, CoDesign Studio.