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Want to improve your local neighbourhood but don't know where to start?

Our new ideation tool will recommend project ideas that best meet the needs of your neighbourhood places and community.

As we advocate for best-practice placemaking around the globe, we are stepping up the industry benchmark when it comes to digital placemaking.

Our first digital tool transforms our ideation workshops into a digitalised process with Ideate by CoDesign Studio. 

Beyond building digital places, and beyond the need for data, we are reaching for the next evolutionary rung with the digitisation of placemaking knowledge and digitalisation of placemaking process.

Digitally-available, globally-accessible, and always free. A digital placemaking tool specifically designed to inspire you with actionable and meaningful placemaking project ideas. 

It's all part of our mission to pioneer the democratisation of citymaking.

Let our algorithm match you with your next big idea!

Ready to turn your idea into a plan?

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