Office Manager

Lisa Williams is undertaking a Master of Environment Science, bringing a wealth of excellence and skills from her professional trade as a film producer and journalist.

A journalist, researcher and environmental scientist in the making, Lisa’s major fascination has always been toward people and their place in the natural world. 

With roots in commercial video production, Lisa is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Environmental Science, majoring in wildlife conservation and biology. Her aim is to nurture and rehabilitate urban and rural ecosystems - both for the enjoyment and health of future generations and for the continuation of biodiversity on our beautiful planet. 

Her role of Office Manager at CoDesign Studio draws on a strong transferrable skillset around project management, client liaison and the nutting out of finer details. 

Key Skills
  • Environmental Science
  • Flora and fauna identification 
  • Project management
  • Team coordination and engagement
  • Administrative detail
Key Projects
  • Rewilding the Desert (2018)
  • Cape Conran Coastal Park Animal Surveys (2019)
  • Healesville Sanctuary Visitor Host (ongoing)