Senior Placemaking Consultant

Human-centred industrial designer, specialising in participatory & interactive precinct design with a research focus on Liveable Cities.

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Madeline is a qualified Industrial Designer, with extensive experience in art and design. Since starting with CoDesign Studio Madeline has been extensively involved in community engagement workshops and pop-ups.

Madeline "Maddy" Menca is a long-time CoDesign Studio staffer with deep experience in our people-centred process. Using her qualifications in industrial design and extensive experience in art and design, Maddy can envision the vibrancy and human activity that your place could hold with a unique perspective.

First joining our team in 2015, Maddy has delivered highly creative (and accordingly high-yield) engagements and pop-ups that truly attract local residents, businesses and stakeholders to come together and foster social connection and cohesion. She thrives in creating spaces and participatory events that entertain and delight, whilst managing complex stakeholder relationships.

Her success as a placemaker is furthered by her extensive research and experience in temporal projects with a focus on Liveable Cities. The vital issue of how cities can best be designed for the human scale is one that challenges and enthrals amidst an ever-changing sea of trend analysis and political agendas that necessitate our seeking to promote prosperity for humans and environments alike.

Madeline’s driving force is to develop projects that include participatory interactions with strong notions of community collaboration and interaction.

Key Skills
  • Industrial Design
  • Community Engagement
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Visual Storytelling and Illustration
Key Projects

Key Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons), RMIT