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Place impacts our health, wealth, and happiness.

Placemaking is the process of designing places that people love and feel connected to through strategy, engagement, activation, and visioning.

CoDesign Studio is Australia's pre-eminent placemaking consultancy.

We believe that places - whether commercial, residential, public, or private - can and should be shaped by the people who will use that space. We exist to people at the centre of citymaking. 

Placemaking is an exciting pathway to unlocking social, cultural, environmental and financial capital. Our approach delivers a quadruple bottom line by involving users in the process to craft the journey through space.

Our award-winning processes are grounded in human-centred design and are backed by a decade of real-world action and research.

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Global advisors and knowledge creators.

“The greatest benchmark for placemaking success: local people can see their fingerprints all over it” - CEO Valli Morphett

Our Story: from start-up to strategic advisory

In the 2000’s, Lucinda Hartley was a young landscape architect hungry for change. Returning to Australia after two years working in communities in poverty across South-East Asia, she found herself working everyday for Australia’s corporate elite, contributing to a design industry that was disconnected from the very people they were supposed to be designing for.

There had to be a better - more human - way, she decided. In 2010, Lucinda Hartley co-founded CoDesign Studio, a multi-disciplinary social enterprise in Australia, poised to change the landscape of how cities are created around the world.

CoDesign Studio’s passion for human-centred design was combined with new agile thinking approaches, leveraging the team’s built environment experience to create places that were meaningful, active, and sustainable.

We come from a long line of award-winning and innovative leaders. In 2015, Jessica Christiansen-Franks joined the team as our Chief Executive, launching the largest placemaking project in Australia, The Neighbourhood Project, and bringing the global movement of street play to our shores with our brand Play Streets Australia.

In 2017, we incubated Neighbourlytics - Australia's transformational tech start up delivering social data insights to understand how people use and experience the places they live and work. Co-founded by Lucinda Hartley and Jessica Christiansen-Franks, the idea burst forth and quickly needed to stand on its own two feet. They grew into the award-winning investor-backed commercial business that we know and love today, and we continue to work closely and champion them.

In 2019, we are privileged to be helmed by the effervescent, pink-haired, cutting-edge thinker: CEO Valli Morphett. Our story of innovative leadership continues as she spearheads our mission to pioneer the democratisation of citymaking. 

Now, boasting offices in Melbourne's bohemian-terraced Fitzroy and Brisbane's rapidly evolving Fortitude Valley, our Principals Samantha Choudhury and Brooke Williams lead the charge as we continue to deliver projects in all states and territories of Australia.

Our diverse multi-disciplinary team come from backgrounds in urban planning, landscape architecture, community development, heritage and cultural research, strategic consulting and digital product development. We create new knowledge, we develop never-before-seen processes and tools, and we get alongside you in your project to make places that prosper by unlocking the power of human collaboration.

Steeped in the culture and reputation of CoDesign Studio, our team are equipped with the resources, tools, and absolute latest knowledge to guide your project to success.

We join big-thinking design with human-centred action for a collaborative response to building prosperous places.

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