The Neighbourhood Project was delivered across three rounds over four years (2015-2019). The first two rounds comprised locally-led projects and the third round comprised of a deep dive investigative program.

The Neighbourhood Project adopted three metrics for program evaluation: People, Process and Place. This framework was developed through an earlier phase of research validating the CoDesign Studio model, and found these three key drivers of change were upheld as best-practice.

In the 14 projects undertaken through the program, The Neighbourhood Project was the catalyst for positive and eduring impact in neighbourhoods as measured by People, Process, Place, with direct implications for place identity, wellness, reducing social isolation, and boosting social connection. The methodology allows for the speeding up of the process of capacity building for both community and council. It is through this process that places are created that people love and feel connected to.

Enclosed in these pages you will find details of the outcomes of the project after the successful completion of 14 projects, involving 8 councils across two rounds, over three years. These outcomes demonstrate the significant and ongoing positive impacts that can be achieved through effective locally-led placemaking for communities, government, developers and industry; providing measurable improvements of place across social, cultural, environmental and financial domains.

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