Download your ready-to-print posters of the Placemaking Manifesto.

There are three colours to choose from: Yellow, Teal, and Greyscale.

The Placemaking Manifesto states the core values and our understanding of what makes good and effective placemaking practice for people.

In any burgeoning industry, it is easy for new players to lose sight of what matters. In the industry of placemaking: Place matters, because people matter.

Developed from a decade of specific practice, experimentation, learning, reiterating, researching and refining, CoDesign Studio released the Placemaking Manifesto to guide the future of creating places that people love and feel connected to. Prosperous places that lead to better lives.

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Why did CoDesign Studio create the Placemaking Manifesto?

The Placemaking Manifesto exists to guide best-practice placemaking around the world

Now, we are sharing it with you.

Print it, put it up in your office, studio or council building. Let's continue to work together to make Prosperous Places, Better Lives.

Creating spaces that people love and feel connected to, is a complex process. We get it; as an organisation we have been rattling the cage and developing a new norm in this arena for a decade.

Despite advances in planning approaches and human-centred design thinking in recent decades, there has remained a propensity for top-down decision makers to leave the longterm needs of users out of the picture when it comes to creating, managing, and activating spaces.

Time and time again, even the best intentions have been observed to fall short on delivering social impact, capacity-building, and community coherence, which in turn have a direct impact on the use, value, and benefit of a place.

This is why we have been getting up each day to make a difference. With so much learning behind us, we knew there had to be a way to summarise the new best-practice standard that we were striving to deliver for clients and communities.

In January 2019, CoDesign Studio locked* themselves in a room and created the Placemaking Manifesto. (*locked is a loose term here. To be clear, there were cookies, coffee and a lot of passion for the future of placemaking. No person was held against their will).

A series of four statements were then refined to guide our core vision for developing the placemaking market and citymaking systems into a thriving structure that consistently delivers benefits to communities through the democratisation of citymaking.

Choose your favourite colour, or print out all three. It's our way of ensuring that people are always at the centre of shaping places, even if we are not on the project delivering our award-winning services ourselves.